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Deborah Andruccioli is the daughter of Albert, an Italian emigrant who married Anna Bonderchuk, whose father emigrated from Eastern Europe. Growing up, she often heard Italian and Russian spoken. Raised outside Detroit, she attended Michigan State University where she graduated with a degree in Interior Design. After college she married and started the next stage of her life moving to Traverse City, Michigan to live on a cherry farm. A few years welcoming her first child. Shortly after having her second child the family moved to Minnesota. 

A desire to do more with her life one of her early aspirations was to write a book, but year after year she dismissed the idea, feeling she didn’t have the skills to become an author. Finally, pushing those self-doubts aside, she wrote her first novel, which to her surprise has won six awards. Now having completed the sequel to The Serpent’s Disciple, she is working on the third book in the series. She has plans for others with at least one being a non-fiction book about secrets inside the Vatican.

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Winner, Category Thriller 

Book Excellence Awards, Awarded Book Excellence Award 

American Fiction Awards, Winner, Category Religious Thriller

Best Book Awards, Finalist, Category Fiction General 

Great Midwest Book Festival, Honorable Mention, Category Fiction 

International Book Award, Finalist, Category Religious Fiction

Deborah Stevens article in the Italian Tribune for The Serpent's Disciple

Italian Tribune Article

Please take a moment to read what the Italian Tribune wrote about Deborah Stevens book "The Serpent's Disciple".


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