Author Deborah Stevens

Author Deborah Stevens Author Deborah Stevens Author Deborah Stevens

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This non-profit,  established in 1976 grew out of a newspaper column in La Stampa, a  Turin-based newspaper that is among Italy’s oldest. The Foundation is  asking for donations to benefit Italian hospitals in critical need of  medical equipment, like ventilators, and to help the elderly impacted by  the crisis.

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Holy Predator by Deborah Stevens is an intriguing story that  should sit comfortably on the shelf beside works of Dan Brown, a crime  with powerful religious hints. Two murders of important bankers with  links to the Vatican, one thirty years ago, the other just this morning.  Ettore Garibaldi Poggiani, dismissed from the Vatican Bank, has just  been found dangling from a scaffolding erected in front of St. Peter’s  Basilica in Rome. Anthony Andruccioli has been working with a covert  organization known as the Guardians to stop Peter Romanus from murdering  the pope and creating the New World Order. Can they solve the mystery  surrounding the murders and prevent a more gruesome crime from being  committed? With the help of Christine, can they use the only clue left  behind to unravel the mystery, and what has the exclusive club of the  richest men in the world, the Bohemian Club, got to do with the crimes?

Deborah Stevens has created a story that raises questions about the  workings of the Vatican. While this is a work of fiction, it has  relevant historical elements, including the curious resignation of Pope  Benedict XVI and the election of a Jesuit as the new pope. The intrigue  is powerful, the red herrings manifold, and the suspense exacting,  elements that make it hard to put this book down. The short chapters,  coupled with the timely paragraph breaks and the unique and delightful  phraseology, make this book a compelling read. Holy Predator is well  researched with characters that are sophisticated and real. The conflict  is well handled and readers will enjoy watching as different powerful  factions, including the mafia and covert organizations, get into play.  Religious themes are skillfully woven into the story, leaving readers  with the feeling of watching a drama that takes place behind the closed  doors of the Vatican. I just loved this book, from the gorgeous writing  to the tight plot to the elaborately developed characters.      

-Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite      

Historical Fiction at its Best

 There’s  nothing I like better than a good mystery, and The Serpent’s Disciple is  just that. Years ago, I fell in love with The Da Vinci Code and all  those that followed. The Serpent’s Disciple is a great addition to that  collection. Stevens knows the area and that shows. Her descriptions of  the land, the architecture and most of all, the history, are what make  this book so interesting. Her characters are well-developed and made me  wanting more. I’m eager to read the sequel. Thank you, Deborah, for a  great read.


By Linda Thompson, Host of TheAuthorsShow on November 28, 2014 

What Can Possibly Topple the Catholic Church?

Deborah  Stevens came well-armed with research to write this jewel.  She captures  the tarnished spirit of the Roman Catholic Church and then finds some  way to make it shinier.  Well-written, nicely edited, and a crafty plot  make The Serpent's Desciple a very good read.  The ending came quickly  after such a healthy storyline buildup, but the read was totally  enjoyable.  Well done, Deborah. 


By  Ron Terborg on July 11, 2015 deborah stevens author boo

Get it!

Great  book, an exciting page turner!  Stevens has revealed an uncanny ability  to weave an intriguing story of the struggle between good and evil  facing a contemporary world and the catholic church.  Part thriller,  part travelogue as the characters journey and struggle on their  conflicting paths through many towns, historical landmarks and spiritual  sights of Italy. Well researched and developed. 


By Richard R. Nyman on September 25, 2013

I don't give too many books 5 stars but this ...

 I don't  give too many books 5 stars but this one kept my interest throughout . I  found it's historic angle and description of modern Italy especially  true to detail. I am anxiously waiting for the next installment. 


By Danny Luther on July 31, 2014


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