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"Holy Predator"

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sequel to

 "The Serpent's Disciple"   

coming October 12, 2018

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*****5 Star Reviews*****

Historical Fiction at its Best

 There’s  nothing I like better than a good mystery, and The Serpent’s Disciple is  just that. Years ago, I fell in love with The Da Vinci Code and all  those that followed. The Serpent’s Disciple is a great addition to that  collection. Stevens knows the area and that shows. Her descriptions of  the land, the architecture and most of all, the history, are what make  this book so interesting. Her characters are well-developed and made me  wanting more. I’m eager to read the sequel. Thank you, Deborah, for a  great read.


By Linda Thompson, Host of TheAuthorsShow on November 28, 2014 

What Can Possibly Topple the Catholic Church?

 Deborah  Stevens came well-armed with research to write this jewel.  She captures  the tarnished spirit of the Roman Catholic Church and then finds some  way to make it shinier.  Well-written, nicely edited, and a crafty plot  make The Serpent's Desciple a very good read.  The ending came quickly  after such a healthy storyline buildup, but the read was totally  enjoyable.  Well done, Deborah. 


By  Ron Terborg on July 11, 2015

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Great  book, an exciting page turner!  Stevens has revealed an uncanny ability  to weave an intriguing story of the struggle between good and evil  facing a contemporary world and the catholic church.  Part thriller,  part travelogue as the characters journey and struggle on their  conflicting paths through many towns, historical landmarks and spiritual  sights of Italy. Well researched and developed. 


By Richard R. Nyman on September 25, 2013

I don't give too many books 5 stars but this ...

 I don't  give too many books 5 stars but this one kept my interest throughout . I  found it's historic angle and description of modern Italy especially  true to detail. I am anxiously waiting for the next installment. 


By Danny Luther on July 31, 2014

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